Team Rocket Takeover!Continued (Sean's Series. Episode 2,Series 1)

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Team Rocket Takeover!Continued (Sean's Series. Episode 2,Series 1)

Post by MarineDefense on Sat 24 Oct 2009, 10:46 pm

After Sean threw out his Torchic the other people looked like they were threatened.
"Now Torchic Tackle them.Cubone use Bone Club and get their pokemon away from them."said Sean.
Then Torchic started tackling the grunts and Cubone kept batting their pokeballs away.
"You'r so beat."said Sean.
Then Sean took out his phone and dialed a number for the pokemon police.
"Hello I am Sean at the Pokemon Acadamy and I caught some Team Rocket grunts."said Sean into the phone.
"Ok.Someone will be there in a couple minutes."said the operator.
Then a person bursted through the door dressed in a blue outfit with a couple badges,and a holster with a gun.
"Freeze!'said the man.
"Good job kid you caught very dangerous villans."said the man.
"I know.I couldn't of done it without my pokemon."said Sean.
Then the police man cuffed the Team Rocket grunts and put them in a van.
"Well a hard day's work turns out good."said Sean.
Then he stayed in the pokecenter for a while.

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