On The Way to becomeing a pokemon legend!

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On The Way to becomeing a pokemon legend!

Post by kralclark on Wed 06 Jan 2010, 4:12 pm

There i was walking down the road to Prof Rowan's lab
Suddenly i saw my rival,Jacob.
Jacob:Hahahaha,look at what i have in my hands.
-Jacob raises his hands-
Me:A poke ball!!
Jacob:yea thats right.
Me:Better hurry before all the pokemons Prof Rowan's have are all gone!
Well i was running to Prof Rowans lab and saw the door,banged the door open.
Me:PROF do you have any pokemons left???
Prof Rowan:yes but only 1 left.
Me:i don't are i just want a pokemon.
-Prof Rowans hands me the poke ball-
Me: what pokemon is inside it????
Prof Rowans:A Bulbasaur.

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