Going to another City

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Going to another City

Post by kralclark on Wed 06 Jan 2010, 4:31 pm

While i was going out of the lab,i encounted my families and friends.They were here to greet me Good Luck
Sis and Friend:Good luck on your trip!!!!!!!!!!!
Me:Thanks Guys!
Sis:becareful,don't to lose a lazy brother like you.
Me:see ya!
On my way to a random city my Sis picked.
Me:I guess this is the route i need to go to the city...look like i need go through ROUTE 201!
Me:come on now get in the poke ball.
-throws pokeball at Bulbasaur-
-He throws it back-
Me:This gonna be harder than i thought it would be Suspect

To Be Continued...

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