My Encounter with another trainer.

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My Encounter with another trainer.

Post by kralclark on Wed 06 Jan 2010, 4:47 pm

While i was blocking i heard someone coming...
i looked at the direction i heard it.
it was another trainer with a bike.
i wanted to warn her about the beedrills but i was busy blocking bulbasaur.
Suddenly when the beedrills were getting closer a pokemon came out of her pokeball
????:Staryu i choose you!
????:Staryu do what ever attacks u want!
-staryu defeats all of the beedrills- affraid
She passed me while i was blocking bulbasaur.
it was as if she didn't see me there.
that was weird.
Me:Hey Don't forget about your pokemon!!!!!
????:i Know!
-staryu goes back in pokeball-
me and bulbasaur shocked from the results.
thats when i realised that Bulbasaur needs to fight to evolve.

To Be Continued...

New trainer
New trainer

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