The Journey Begins

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The Journey Begins Empty The Journey Begins

Post by danniel1997 on Sat 08 Mar 2008, 3:09 pm

I was sleeping and i hear my mom calling me:
Mom: , Danniel, wake up.
Danniel1997:(yawn)What is it mom?
Mom: Have you've been forgoten?, Its the day you can get your first pokemon.
Danniel1997: Oh no!, I need to Hurry.
(danniel1997 take a bath, change clothes and packed his bag)
Danniel1997: Mom i need to hurry bye.
Mom: Bye son.

(at the prof oak lab)
Danniel1997: Prof Oak am i late?
Prof Oak: Your in time, Choose your First pokemon.
Danniel1997: hmmm....., i choose Charmander!
Prof oak: Here you go.
Prof Oak: and this is your Pokeballs and Pokedex.
Danniel1997:Thanks, im so excited to catch pokemons.

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The Journey Begins Empty Re: The Journey Begins

Post by charizard guy on Sat 08 Mar 2008, 6:00 pm

nice role-play your now on route 1!
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