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Post by Rhett on Thu 17 Apr 2008, 12:42 pm

(Rhett awakens)
Rhett: Mum! Mum! I get to go now!
Mum: Oh alright! Shush Savannah is contacting me!
Rhett: Oh sorry...
(Rhett has a shower and packs his bag)
Mum: Ok Savannah says she has just entered route 1 and is waiting for Jessie to enter...
Rhett: Oh ok
(Mum hugs Rhett)
Mum: I'm gonna miss you!
Rhett: OK please let go! Can you make me brekkie?
Mum: Oh YES!!!
(Mum cooks eggs and pours some apple juice for Rhett)
Rhett: MMMMM!!!
Mum: OH Enjoy it!
(Rhett eats his brekkie then grabs his bag and exits out the door)
Rhett: BYE!!!
Mum: BYE!!!
(Rhett enters into Professor Oaks Lab)
Rhett: Hey there Prof. Oak
Prof. Oak: Hi there Rhett. Hows your sister doing?
Rhett: She has just entered route 1 and is waiting for Jessie
Prof. Oak: Ok then! I have that pikachu for you just like I promised.
Rhett: Oh wow! Can I see it?
Prof. Oak: Yes
(Rhett opens up the poke ball and out pops a fiesty pikachu)
Pikachu: Pika? Pika Pika!
(Pikachu runs up and hugs Rhett and licks him on the face)
Rhett: Oh she is so cute!
Prof. Oak: Nickname?
Rhett: YES! I think Thunder would be a good name!
Prof. Oak: Yes that is...
(Prof. Oak computer starts yelling out that someone is calling)
Prof. Oak: Hello?
Savannah: Hello Sam!
Prof. Oak: Oh hi Savannah!
Savannah: What pokemon you get Rhett?
Rhett: Pikachu, Thunder!
Savannah: Cool, anyways Sam I have just entered route 1 and I am searching for pokemon.
Prof. Oak: Oh thats good to hear. Hows Penny?
Savannah: GREAT
Penny: Pip Piplup
Savannah: Hey have you given Rhett his pokedex yet?
Prof. Oak: No not yet. I was about to when you called
Savannah: Oh sorry
Prof. Oak: No worrys
Savannah: Anyways I had better leave. BYE!
Prof. Oak: Bye. Ok Rhett here take this. This is what Savannah was just saying about.
(Prof. Oak hands over a pokedex)
Rhett: I have to run! Thanks!
Prof. Oak: Bye!
(Rhett walks up to route 1 when he is stopped...)
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Yes I can go! Empty Re: Yes I can go!

Post by danniel1997 on Fri 18 Apr 2008, 5:16 am

Good role Playing,
You are now on Route 1 Very Happy
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