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I want to go! Empty I want to go!

Post by Jaide on Fri 09 May 2008, 3:34 am


*I am asleep resting, until...*
Mums Pikachu - PI-KA-CHUU!!!!
Jaide - AHHH! Oh thank you pikachu
Pikachu - Pikapi
Jaide - Hmmmm. Pikachu why did you wake me up so early?
Pikachu - Pika Pika Pika Pika
Jaide - Huh?
*Pikachu grabs the T.V. Remote and turns on T.V.*
T.V. - Today many trainers will be starting their journey with their very first poke...
*Pikachu changes the channel to Jubilife News*
T.V. - Welcome to Jubilife News! We have recently sent out Jubilife News Reporters all around the Pokemon World! We have some in Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, Sinnoh and Quanto! We have a beautiful story about a boy who has recently turned 6! His name is Rhett and he has been travelling for 2 months now. How are you Rhett? "Very Good!" So whats it like in Kanto? "Great, but you wait until I'm in Sinnoh! I'll beat my sister one day!" And who is your sister? "Oh Savannah. She is 13 and has been travelling for 6 months!" Wow so your sister is pretty impressive? "Yes, but I'll get her one day!" Good Luck with that...
Jaide - Oh! Its time to go!
Pikachu - Pika Pika Pika
Jaide - Thank you Pikachu!
Pikachu - Pikachu


Jaide - Bye Mum!
Mum - Bye!
Jaide - Bye Pikachu!
Pikachu - PI-KACHU!
*Jaide enters the Lab*
Jaide - Hey... Sam?
Sam - Yes it is Sam or professor Oak...
Jaide - Sam will do
Sam - Yea ok...
Sams Computer - Ring ring you have a phone call ring ring
Savannah - Sam! How are you?
Sam - Good! You haven't caught any pokemon for me
Savannah - No sorry
Sam - Oh Well
Savannah - Sam I have met up with a Suicune! But it left me with this!
Sam - Oooo that is nice! anyways I gotta go I have a new trainer!
Savannah - Ok Bye!
Jaide - Is this the turtwig?
*Jaide picks up a pokeball*
Sam - Yes off you go
Jaide - BYE!

New trainer
New trainer

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I want to go! Empty Re: I want to go!

Post by Lucas on Fri 09 May 2008, 7:48 pm

Updated! You are now on route 1.

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