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Exiting Home and into the world Empty Exiting Home and into the world

Post by Brittany on Mon 09 Jun 2008, 12:29 am

I wake up! Yawning, Tired. I get up and make myself brekkie. I leave home vefore mum could hug me to death. I went to go see Sam or Professor Oak. He was my uncle. "Good morning Sam!" Sam turned around and replied "Hey Britt" I had been training with Professor Oak for a long time. I told him I wanted to grow up as a scientist. He agreed that would be a good job for me. He was about to hand me my vulpix when the video phone rang. He answered, it was Savannah! My best friend! Savannah had caught 4 pokemon! I dont even have my first. I asked her what were the pokemon. She replied "Piplup, Ledyba, Jigglypuff and Sentret." She showed Piplup to me. What a strong piplup. Piplup was lvl 9 and was nicknamed Penny. She was very excited to meet me. Then we had to stop talking. Savannah spoke to Sam, worried...

"Sam! Darkrai has come out to one of the scientist newbies! He caught some DNA and has now combined it with his Eevee! This could be disastrious! The pokemon that comes out could be the worst pokemon we ever met. We only got 13 days until it hatches! What do we do? He is holding the egg now."

Sam didn't know what to do and we had to wait until the egg hatched. I looked frightened. Sam calmed me down and handed me vulpix. It was such a majestic pokemon. I left Sam and went to route 1, ready for the start...

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Exiting Home and into the world Empty Re: Exiting Home and into the world

Post by Pokeluvver13 on Mon 09 Jun 2008, 12:30 am

Ha ha ha its got me in it! Great story. It also includes Ren. That is very creative. You've done a bit of studying! Your on route 1! Good luck

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