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Junad's Master Journey Empty Junad's Master Journey

Post by Junad on Wed 24 Sep 2008, 1:19 am

Junad Ketchum was currently in twinleaf town, his hometown and decided to start his pokemon master journey today. After waking up, showering and getting some breakfast he headed over to the Professor's lab. As he entered the sliding door he seen the professor in the back working with some pokeballs. The professor looked up to see who was coming in the door and he waved hello.
"Hey there Junad!" He yelled across the lab signaling for me to come over to him. "Are you ready to start your journey today?" The professor asked checking the pokemon he had for starters.
"Yeah today's the day the world gets to have Junad Ketchum as a new trainer. The new part won't last for long though." Junad said smiling.
"Ok then, take your pick."
Junad looked around at the couple of pokeballs containing starter pokemon for the new trainers and seen the one with a water droplet on it. He automatically knew who this was and picked it, opening it up as he lifted it. A squirtle came out and jumped into Junad's arms.
"I'm going to call you squirt." Junad said to the squirtle and the professor handed him some greatballs and pokeballs.
"Good luck on your journey Junad." He said as someone else entered the lab.
Junad left the lab with the squirtle in his arms and headed for Route 201, ready to start the journey of his lifetime.
"World, here comes Junad Ketchum! The future pokemon master!"

((Hope this is enough. ^^))

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New trainer

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Junad's Master Journey Empty Re: Junad's Master Journey

Post by Lucas on Wed 24 Sep 2008, 11:10 am

Nice RP Junad. Your now on Route 201.

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