Team Rocket Take Over! (Sean's Series. Episode 2,Series 1)

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Team Rocket Take Over! (Sean's Series. Episode 2,Series 1) Empty Team Rocket Take Over! (Sean's Series. Episode 2,Series 1)

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As Sean was traveling through the woods he came across a wild Cubone.
"Go Torchic!"said Sean and threw a pokeball out.
"Tackle now!"said Sean.
Just then Torchic ran up and tackled the wild Cubone.
Just then the Cubone tried using Bone Club but Torchic dodged it.
"Now tackle again."said Sean as Torchic tackled the Cubone.
Just then the Cubone gave up.
It fell on the ground with a tumble.
Torchic gain 3 exp.
Then Sean threw a pokeball and the Cubone went in it.
"One...Two...Three..."said Sean as he watched the pokeball.
"Yes caught!"said Sean as he picked up the pokeball.
"Now my pokedex will have one more pokemon."said Sean a little excited.
"Now to Viridian City for one shiny badge."said Sean as he started walking.
Then after a couple hours of exploring he was at the edge of the forest.
Then he got to Viridian city and went to the pokecenter.
"May I heal your pokemon?"said the lady at the front desk.
"Yes please."said Sean putting the two pokeballs on the desk.
Then the lady took the pokeballs and put them in the healing machine.
Then a couple minutes later she came back with them.
"Here you go sir."said the lady.
"Thanks."said Sean as he put the pokeballs away.
As Sean was walking he heard two people talking.
"We can rob the Pokémon Academy."said one.
"Yea we can get some kids pokemon!"said the other.
"Not so loud."said the other.
"I know."said the other.
"Well come on we don't have all day let's go."said the other.
"Yea."said one and they left the pokecenter.
"Hmm why would they rob a Pokémon Academy?"Sean asked him
Then Sean followed them.
Out of no where a person dressed in a black outfit with a R in the middle.
"I can't let you pass."said the man.
"Why not?"asked Sean.
"You just can't."said the man.
"Tell me now!"said Sean started to get enraged.
"You can't."said the man.
"I challenge you to a battle.And if I win I get to go in,If I lose I will leave this town."said Sean.
"Deal."said the man.
"Go Cubone."said Sean throwing out his pokeball.
"Go Rattata."said the man throwing a pokeball.
"Tackle now Rattata."said the man.
Just then the Rattata ran up to Cubone getting ready to attack.
"Get him away using Bone Club."said Sean.
Then Rattata tried using Tackle but was hitted with a harder Bone Club and was knocked back.
"Good now use Bone Club again."said Sean.
Then Cubone hit Rattata making it almost faint.
"Good now use it again and make it faint."said Sean preventing the other man to speak.
Then instead of going close to Rattata,Cubone threw it at it hitting it making it faint.
"Now let me threw."said Sean.
"No!I lost.'said the man.
Then he ran away.
"Wait."said Sean.
Then Sean went in with Cubone still by his side.
Then Sean tried getting in a room but the door was locked.
"Darn."said Sean.
"Bone Club on the door."said Sean.
Just then Cubone hit the door and it fell.
"Hey who is he!"said one.
"I don't know.He isn't from Team Rocket!"said the other.
"Go Torchic."said Sean throwing a pokeball out.

To Be Continued...

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