A girl on the road to friendship

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A girl on the road to friendship Empty A girl on the road to friendship

Post by Pokeluvver13 on Sun 13 Apr 2008, 2:06 am

6:30am -

Savannah: Mum do u mind making me brekkie? I need to get all ready for my first pokemon
Mum: Sure honey don't be too long in the shower
*Savannah has a shower, hops out and gets dressed in jeans and a plain T-Shirt*
Savannah: Lovely breakfast mum
Mum: Why thank you. I'm glad you enjoy your last mum made brekkie for a long time
Savannah: I know I am extremely excited about going down the road to friendship
Mum: Why don't you call Jessie and tell her whats going on
Savannah: Yea your right she might want to join me
Rhett: Your lucky Savannah I'm only 6 I have another 4 years until I get to go on a journey to victory
Savannah: Ha ha ha like you'll ever make it out of the road to victory!
Rhett: GRRRRR!! Come back here you stupid sister!
*Rhett chases Savannah all around the house until Savannah exits out of the door*
Rhett: I'll catch you one day at the POKEMON LEAGUE!!
Savannah: Good Luck! Your going to need it!
*Savannah enters into the Lab in Pallet Town*
Professor Oak: Hi there Savannah
Savannah: Hey Sam
Professor Oak: I have a pokemon that is a very interesting pokemon just for you
Savannah: Oh cool!
Professor Oak: It is a piplup. It is a water type pokemon
*Professor Oak hands over a pokeball to Savannah. Savannah opens it*
Piplup: Pip Pip?
Savannah: Oh its beautiful!
Piplup: PIPLUP!
*piplup jumps onto Savannah*
Savannah: Oh its the best pokemon I could ever ask for Sam!
Professor Oak: Had any nicknames planned?
Savannah: Yes, I think it should be called Penny!
Professor Oak: A beautiful name
Savannah: I'll keep in contact with you! Look after all the pokemon that enter your lab from me!
Professor Oak: I sure will!
Savannah: Bye!
Professor Oak: Oh Savannah wait! Here.
*Professor Oak hands over a pokedex*
Savannah: Oh thanks but what is it?
Professor Oak: Its a pokedex. I just developed it and it will record any data of pokemon you see.
Savannah: Oh wow this will certainly help me
Professor Oak: I'll see you again some time!
Savannah: Bye!
*Savannah leaves the lab and walks down to route 1 when she is interrupted*
Jessie: Savannah you thought you were going to leave without me!
Savannah: Oh man I completely forgot!
Jessie: Guess what pokemon I got?
Savannah: What?
Jessie: Come on guess
Savannah: Ok was it a chimchar? charmander? torchic? cyndaquil?
Jessie: No it wasn't a fire pokemon
Savannah: It was a water type like mine then?
Jessie: Yes
Savannah: Was it a squirtle?
Jessie: YES!
Savannah: cool show us a look
*Jessie opens her pokeball and out pops a squirtle. Savannah then opens up her pokeball and out pops a piplup*
Savannah: They like eachother!
Jessie: YAY!
Savannah: Lets go down route 1 together!
Jessie: YEA!
*Savannah, Jessie, Piplup and squirtle all travel down to route 1*

Savannah and Jessie wish to enter route 1. Will you accept? Very Happy flower

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A girl on the road to friendship Empty Re: A girl on the road to friendship

Post by Lucas on Thu 17 Apr 2008, 10:00 am


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